The Atomic Coffee Roasters started in Beverly, MA in 1996, fulfilling a dream (seriously, like one that comes when you're sleeping, not a daydream) that Andrew Mahoney had shared with his brother, John, a few years earlier. John was initially skeptical. "We don't know the first thing about running a cafe," he would object, to which Andrew is famously said to have replied, "How hard could it be?" with a cavalier shrug. Turns out, it can be pretty hard. Operating a cafe takes, not only an enthusiasm for coffee, food and culture, but also it takes some gruelingly hard work, a committed, and likewise enthusiastic staff of baristas, as well as a lot of luck.

Eventually the brothers decided to get into the roasting game, and for the past 7 years have been roasting for their own cafe and wholesale partners all over New England. At Atomic Coffee Roasters quality is always the goal, our staff is continually improving in order to bring you the best coffee.